While we typically think of spring as peak selling season, it can be a good idea to sell during the quieter months, with fewer homes on the market. Remember, your home is a product, and if it looks good in winter, this may be the best time to market it.

Read on for my winter selling tips.

Should you sell in winter? 

Some homes look their best in winter, and you will know if a winter sale is worth considering. Homes that have fireplaces, north-facing windows and lush gardens will look particularly appealing, so use this to your advantage.

Think about when your home feels best – homes that don’t get much sun tend to sell better in winter, when the darkness is less noticeable than in summer. You’re also better off selling in the cooler months if your house gets particularly hot in summer.

Homes that have fireplaces, north-facing windows and lush gardens will look particularly appealing in winter

You may have other reasons for a winter sale. Perhaps you’ve found your dream home and want to move right away, or you’ve landed a job in another city. You may also wish to beat the spring rush and sell before the market is flooded.

Presenting your home 

If you do plan to sell your home in winter, you need to ensure buyers see it in the best possible light. Start by identifying any damp or drafty areas and have them repaired right away.

For open homes, light your fireplace if you have one, and create a cosy ambience with lamps, throw rugs and candles. It’s an old trick, but having something baking in the oven warms up your home and makes it smell good.

Finally, consider enlisting the help of a property stylist. Remember, you’re not just selling a home, but also a dream. A stylist can offer advice and guidance to make your home look more inviting and really define spaces. I always strongly advise against selling an empty house, as people find it so much harder to visualise themselves living there.

Remember, you’re not just selling a home, but also a dream

Creating a beautiful winter garden

Buy some pot plants that flower in winter to brighten up your garden. Lavender, snowdrops, fairy primrose and paper daisies all thrive during the colder months. You can take them with you after you sell – the goal is to make the property look its best when buyers come for a viewing.

While you’re in the garden, take the time to pull any weeds, mow the lawn, and mulch your garden beds. This will give your yard an instant face-lift, making everything look fresh and well cared for.

Hire an experienced Northern Suburbs real estate agent 

The biggest bonus of selling in winter is that you’re selling in isolation, not with the rest of the pack. Fewer properties on the market may mean a higher price for your home. I have a wealth of experience in the Upper North Shore property market and am happy to chat to you about local conditions and the best time of year to put your home on the market. Please feel free to give me a call to get started!

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